Apartment Václav K.

Kadaň, Chomutovská


LUSQ expected monthly yield The estimated monthly income of LUSQ is the amount consisting of the gross income of the property before tax in the form of cash to your bank account and repayment of the amortization of 2 721 Kč. This amount includes the expected monthly increase in the value of the property.

4 689 Kč / monthly

Purchase price of the apartment

1 594 785 Kč

Type of financing LUSQ first buys and renovates the property using its own funds. It then takes out a loan from the bank and partially refinances its own capital. The membership interest in LUSQ passes with the loan to the new owner, unless of course the owner wishes to buy the property only with their own money. The apartment loan drawn down equals to the amount of the outstanding annuity.

LUSQ financing

Your own funds

778 485 Kč

Gross annual return










Additional information

Yes! We have an investment apartment from a new location! Václav K. came to us all the way from Kadaň. It is named after an astronomer and a Jesuit missionary. Its new mission is to provide its future owner with a guaranteed monthly return of CZK 4,393 and a guaranteed annual return of 7.23%.
Spacious 2 + 1 apartment is located just a few steps from the large, tree-lined park Rooseveltovy sady, within walking distance to the city center.
Kadaň's investment potential is growing and you can buy this valuable investment piece for as little as CZK 778,485 with LUSQ financing.

Sample calculation

You buy an apartment worth

1 594 785 Kč

You only pay

778 485 Kč

Every month you earn

4 689 Kč

Of which

0 Kč goes to your account

2 721 Kč goes to repay the principal of the loan

Therefore, gross annual return is


The cash-only return is


You decide to sell it in

In that time, its value will increase probably by

0% p.a.

In total, in years you will earn

× 4 689 Kč =

The percent evaluation in years

The total gross annual return is therefore

* * The above calculation related to the sale of an apartment in 5 years shows the possibilities of development based on the basic characteristics; it is illustrative.

foto člena týmu

Need more information?

Volejte Pavla Krohu, sales managera LUSQ na 771 13 55 01.