About Us

LUSQ is a unique digital service that is the first on the market to allow you to buy investment apartments completely online. We take care of everything and you just collect a guaranteed return to your account every month. The service combines the founders' extensive experience in real estate, law, finance and digital services. We bring our clients an easy online path to guaranteed appreciation of their money.

LUSQ was created by people from the ndot.cz team. Its ranks include experienced Czech entrepreneurs and experts in a number of fields. They bring digitization to traditional industries such as finance or real estate.

  1. Czechs prefer brick to paper

    Czechs want the brick. Although today it is fashionable to invest in real estate through securities, at LUSQ we believe that the customer prefers the actual ownership of an apartment over a real estate fund or a bond. In a crisis, paper can lose its value altogether. A brick will remain a brick.

  2. You have heard that you can't buy an apartment online? Haha..

    You can buy a vacation trip, a TV set, and now even Tesla online. So why not an apartment? You select, add to cart, pay and the apartment is yours. Who's got time to go see places these days? Who would rather spend time with a lawyer than in the garden? A rental apartment is a commodity like any other.

  3. An investment apartment is great when you don't have to worry about anything

    Many would like to invest in bricks. But when they imagine what it takes to find such an apartment, to buy it safely, to get a loan, to renovate it, to manage it, to rent it out, to keep track of payments, to attend meetings of the housing association, they change their minds and prefer to buy securities again. LUSQ handles everything from A to Z. You don't have to go anywhere, you don't have to solve anything. You pay down the money and every month money arrives in your bank account.

Our team

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Ondřej Čuba


Ondřej has extensive knowledge in project finance, corporate transactions, including joint ventures and private equity investments. He has been in finance and Real Estate for over 15 years.

He is the founder of the investment group FORCE.Capital, where he serves as the CEO. The holding company focuses on financial services, residential development and renewable energy generation. Thanks to this experience, he is responsible for the business part of the LUSQ project.

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Vojtěch Sucharda


Vojtěch has over 12 years of experience working as an attorney. He is one of the founding partners of ARROWS, a law firm which was co-founded by him in 2017. In ARROWS, Vojtěch works as an attorney-at-law and is also responsible for managing ARROWS INTERNATIONAL, an international network of law firms.

Vojtěch is also the founder of the Internet portal mylaw.cz, whose main objective is to move the law and the work of lawyers to the online environment.

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Michal Mundl


He has worked in regional and local politics for over 20 years and has a detailed knowledge of the functioning of individual regions of the Czech Republic.

Thanks to his experience, he develops the project, financial and operational-technical aspect of LUSQ. He has also worked as an advisor on parliamentary politics since 1995.

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Jiří Paták


Jiří brings his experience in financial market, real estate and technology to the LUSQ project. After studying at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University and in Limerick, Ireland, he headed to Goldman Sachs in New York.

After returning to the Czech Republic, he gained his first experience in the bezrealitky.cz project. In 2009 he founded and then ran a financial product comparison website ChytryHonza.cz for 8 years. After the sale of its stake in spring 2019, it is focusing on investments and the development of digital services.

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Tomáš Petřík


Tomáš brings to the project over 26 years of experience in the real estate and rental market and knowledge of economic processes. He has founded and runs several companies that deal with economic and organizational consulting.

He has also been managing his own real estate projects across the Czech Republic for over 25 years. Not only thanks to this, he can efficiently set up processes and deal with all the details within the LUSQ project.

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Jáchym Petřík


Jáchym has been practicing law since 2013. He is one of the founding partners of ARROWS, a law firm which was co-founded by him in 2017.

Jáchym is also an experienced investor and the driving force behind several successful business ventures (from development, online project of mylaw.cz, the leisure time sherwoodbattle.cz and now mainly ventures implemented under ndot.cz). Jáchym is quick in his thinking and decision – the rest depends on that.