How does LUSQ work?


Market monitoring
and analysis

We carefully monitor the property market and search for suitable apartments based on financial, technical and comparative analysis.


and renting an apartment

We will renovate the apartment in accordance with LUSQ standards. We rent the apartment only to solid tenants with a need for long-term housing.


Online purchase of an apartment by the client

We will publish the apartment at and you choose your investment apartment online from the comfort of your home.


Financing the purchase of an apartment

Are finance the purchase of the apartment with your own funds or you use the LUSQ financing option.



LUSQ takes care of managing the apartment for you and arranging all activities related to the apartment rental.


LUSQ Guaranteed Return

You receive your LUSQ Guaranteed Return every month!

Sample calculation

You buy an apartment worth

1 200 000 Kč

You only pay

600 000 Kč

Every month you earn

2 950 Kč

Of which

840 Kč goes to your account

1 400 Kč goes to repay the principal of the loan

700 Kč to the repair fund

Therefore, gross annual return is


You decide to sell it in

5 let

In that time, its value will increase by


In total, in 5 years you will earn

60 × 2 950 Kč + 90 000 Kč = 267 000 Kč

The total gross annual return is therefore